Presentation Coaching

You need to shine yet sometimes feel you are not where you need to be and could use some… Read more of Presentation Coaching.

Curing Speaker’s Anxiety

You know what you need to say, but you are filled with an enormous dread when you think about getting up in front of an audience. Read more of Curing Speaker’s Anxiety.

Speech Writing

You know what you need to say but haven’t the time to craft … Read more of Speech Writing.

Slide Production

Your slides are overly complicated, boring, and are lacking polish… Read more of Slide Production.

SKYPE Coaching

Perhaps time and or distance prevent you from getting the in-person assistance… Read more of SKYPE Coaching.

In-House Training Programs

Speaking Workshops

Your team needs to learn the basics of putting together an excellent presentation that is easy to perform while… Read more of Speaking Workshops.

Great Slide Presentations

Your team’s slide presentations are awful, distracting from the important message and dragging down… Read more of Great Slide Presentations.

Proposal Presentation for Teams

Your engineering or design client presentation is key for creating confidence in your firm’s skills and talents, but… Read more of Proposal Presentation for Teams.

Keynotes and Presentations

Connie gives highly interactive and engaging presentations for any sized audience. Read more of Keynotes and Presentations.