Ian Rollo, President & CEO, Volant:
“Your suggestions to the speech are great. I feel confident and ready to go! Our session was very helpful!”

Wren McNally, UW Foster School of Business
Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition (GSEC):“Thank you for being involved in GSEC this year. I heard you were a stellar coach.”

Marel Norwood, Ph.d, Health Yourself:
”The session yesterday was incredibly helpful from your tips to slide cleanup, with lessons that go beyond tonight. Thanks for all your help and being you.”

Kimberly McNally, President, McNally & Associates:
“Connie Miller is an outstanding speech coach. She taught me some creative ways to communicate with others from the podium so that I could project my thoughts and ideas in the most powerful way possible. I’d recommend her to any professional interested in fine turning their speaking skills and enhancing leadership presence.”

Pat Hughes, Trillium Leadership Consulting, Horizon House project
“Hands-down, yours was one of the best received sessions we have had in quite some time. The comments were specific and enthusiastic. Many, many people said they can’t wait to use it and have very specific ideas of how they can use the skills already. Several participants commented on your style and facilitation as something that made the day enjoyable.”

Thach Nguyen , Real Estate Developer, Philanthropist & Inspirational Speaker, Seattle www. thachnguyen.com www.contributionnetworkingparty.com
I love your feedback, Connie. I’ve received a lot of value from the techniques you’ve taught me. Just about everything you see me doing on the stage I’ve learned from you. Everything you’ve taught me has been very, very helpful.”

Maria Gloria Alarcon de Macias, President Chamber of Commerce, Guayaquil, Ecuador
“Connie came to Ecuador at an important time! It was about a week before I took charge of the Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce in my city, a position with high media exposure and a lot of public speaking. After three intensive days working with her, I felt very confident and looked like an experienced speaker. Connie’s advice was so “user friendly” to follow, that it is still unbelievable to me how much you can improve with so little effort.”

Denny Organ, Director, coffee co-manufacturing, Starbucks Coffee Company, Seattle
“Just to let you know, the introduction went great. Thanks for your help, coaching and guidance… It made all the difference in the world.”

Katherine Sears, CMO, BookTrope, Seattle
The best thing about Connie is that she doesn’t just give you generic advice – she really looks at YOU and tells YOU what you need to hear to be better. Gold, people, pure gold!

Charmel Bowden, Consultant, Seattle
“I think I’ve always written speeches like papers and was really missing the audience engagement piece because I get so wrapped up in the content. I appreciate the format that has become my template for every presentation I give or class I teach. Your feedback was precise, pointed and relevant. For every question I had it seemed you were one step ahead of me with another tool. The audience did what you said they would do at every point. It was noticeable and empowering from the front of the room to feel that sense of connection to the group. It was worth every penny and will be an investment that will make me money for years to come.”

Evelyn Clark, Consultant, Author, Corporate Storytelling
“I’m writing to express my appreciation for all your help…You are a terrific speaking coach! … You’ve helped me to “get comfortable in my own skin.” My style is much more relaxed now, and, at the same time, more dynamic…I’ve always enjoyed interacting with audience members, and through the techniques you’ve taught me, we’re connecting on a deeper level. As a result, they feel freer to laugh and have a good time, too… Thank you for all your insightful feedback, your gentle prodding…You have helped me to sharpen my skills and have steadfastly encouraged me to grow as a speaker.”

Rick Baker, consultant, Baker & Associates:
“You are so very good at what you do!…you are so insightful and yesterday was great…WOW…you know your stuff.”

Bonny Becker, Children’s Book Author
“Nobody told me that I’d have to learn public speaking when I set out to become a writer. Writers are introverts. We scribble away in our garrets and commune with our navels. Well, times have changed and Connie helped me enormously in getting over my great fear of public speaking. Thanks to Connie, I’m actually bordering on liking it! She gave me a lot of insights into where fear of speaking comes from and ways to approach it that helped me see I could be natural and conversational and comfortable up there on the podium. Thanks, Connie!”

Laureen Quick, Floating Feather Spa, Boise
“The speech went VERY, VERY WELL! We just got a tape put together of it for you and I will be mailing it off today… I have already started talking with two different groups about having me come and do the speech at their upcoming conferences… I thank you so much for all your support. With your assistance I was able to give the best performance of my life.”

Andres Seminario, Public Relations Expert, Author, Guayaquil, Ecuador
“I really, really enjoyed your workshop. Learned a lot…actually I’m thinking of re-shaping my professional life, quitting this job and starting a speaker/actor/writer’s life. Learned a lot of myself. Learned a few tricks and I gained confidence in others I already used by intuition. It was great.”

Dominic Holden, Journalist:
“It is a delight to learn from a master.”

D. Keith Robinson, Phinney/Bischoff Design House:
“I wanted to thank you for our session on Friday…what you helped me with already paid dividends in my presentation yesterday. I used some of the techniques (not rushing, limiting info, speaking with one person at a time–which really helped–and more) and it went over very, very well. There was lots of audience interaction and questions, quite a few follow-ups after we were done (always a good sign) and the feedback I got from everyone was really good…So, thanks again!”

R.C., Seattle
“Quite possibly the best class I’ve ever taken!”

Nicole Mertes, AICI, CIP:
“You have a really effective system for teaching!…I’ll be thinking of you as I teach this coming weekend. Your mastery is in the simplicity of your approach. I am learning to engage with both the audience and myself at a deeper level, and it’s so gratifying! Your work is profound; thank you so much.”

Jeaneen R. Schmidt CPCC, PCC – Executive and Life Coach JR Schmidt Coaching:  www.jrscoaching.com
“The Great Women’s Speakers program in 2006 was a springboard to so many new frontiers in my business and life. I have developed greater confidence, range, creativity and ease in my speaking. Connie is a true master. She made it fun, created a safe container to grow, provided all the tools and teased out the very best in each of us. If you are drawn to this program and Connie…Sign up…and get ready for great things to begin.”

Doug Danner, President, United Broadcasting Sales Company, Bellevue
“I consider your program a great investment and would recommend it to anyone!”

Mikaron Fortier, Senior Project Manager and Instructional Design Consultant:
“Thank you for your tremendous support and wisdom. I feel I’ve grown a lot, and I’ve got a clear path with regard to my work as a speaker! “

Molly Gordon, Coach, Suquamish WA
“I spoke at AWC the other night and had a fabulous time. My speaking is improving as I keep in mind what I have learned from your workshops. I feel more grounded, more connected, and more stable — all traits I need in order to adapt my content and my approach on the fly. I love speaking extemporaneously and I certainly have enough context and background to do that, however it took your coaching to bring it all together. Thanks!”

Ed Sampson, teacher, actor, playwright:
“Students I haven’t been able to get to look me in the eye since September were gazing right at me and wanting to talk! Was it the suit? I don’t think so. It was the open stance and gestures I brought with me. I’m so grateful for this coaching from you, subtle, private and powerful.”

Jim Doherty, Legal Consultant;
“I did numerous TV and radio interviews, and gave presentations…I did it with confidence, and without any notes. I was relaxed … Over the past few months, public speaking has become easier and easier for me. Familiarity with the subject helps, but it is also just practice. You helped immensely as I ventured into this project – and I appreciate it very much. “

Shira Rosen, Northwest Development Officers Association
“Thank you for such a great presentation. It was fun (and scary) to be part of such an interactive workshop. The group was very engaged and I heard great feedback.”