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Winter Workshop

Saturday January 20th from 9-12

Is your fear of speaking depriving you of career and leadership opportunities?

Are you ready for a change?

Cure your Speaker’s Anxiety Workshop

In my 35+ years helping emerging and accomplished leaders enhance their capacity to lead by becoming great speakers, I have noticed that all of them have expressed at least some hesitation, fear, anxiety, or pure terror at the prospect of facing their audience. On some level, they are sure they will screw up, be harshly judged and will bring shame to their organization and themselves.

Come to this workshop offered on:
Saturday – January 20th
From 9-12

I enjoy showing my clients that presenting can not only be survived, but it can be lots of fun. Consequently I structure my workshops to be full of pleasurable activities. We will analyze what is causing speaker’s anxiety and then launch into a series of exercises showing how to release the anxiety and connect with audiences. Participants will get lots and lots of practice.


THE FEE is $95.00

THE LOCATION is the Mercer Island Community and Event Center (Calkins Room).


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January 20th


What are you waiting for? Join us!



January – June 2018

An opportunity to work with Connie to tackle any communication challenges including public speaking, negotiation, facilitation, interviewing and pitching. Connie meets with her clients for 5 two-hour sessions, usually over a 2 month period. Though most of her clients are regional, she also coaches long-distance and international clients via Skype or Zoom. Her sessions include analysis of current issues, exercises, video recording and playback, written materials and expert coaching. Contact Connie for additional information.


Connie provides organizations with presentations and workshops as well as keynotes focused on communication challenges and solutions, and the value of face-time.

Through her Great Women Speakers Leadership Program she travels to meet emerging women leaders in other countries and has a 90 minute keynote, Around the Table, telling tales of meeting with 5 groups of women who describe their particular communication challenges and solutions in Istanbul-Turkey, Tblisi-Georgia and Yerevan-Armenia.





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