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  • Businesswoman and manYou are a busy professional, a leader or emerging leader in your field or community, needing to be able to engage, inspire and empower your important audiences by making exceptionally effective presentations.
  • You know your business well, are accomplished and ambitious to make a difference for your team, your company, organization, or community.
  • You may be conducting important business internationally, communicating crucial messages to colleagues in other cultures, and need to know that your presentations will be effective and culturally sensitive.
  • You may have an underlying terror of speaking, but know you must get over it now and are ready to apply yourself to the task of learning this skill and becoming really good at it.
  • Your teams are good at what they do, and yet you know that to truly succeed, they need to have the skills to communicate their knowledge and accomplishments effectively to others internally and externally.
  • You are inspired to take on big projects, you have a global perspective, and a can-do attitude.
  • You are a competent speaker, willing to speak whenever there is a need. However now you have the desire to upgrade your skills, refine and polish – be known as a great speaker.


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