Shannon Polson

With Connie you get a committed, engaged professional who is also just a wonderful person, and so I think that combination is a really special one.

Connie was recommended to me by somebody who has years and years of leadership coaching. I do professional corporate motivational speaking and had just booked a couple of very big clients, increasing the amount of speaking that I was doing. I wanted to be sure that I was doing it as well as I could. I was excited to have the opportunity to work with her.

Connie is the consummate professional. She has a calm demeanor and was very encouraging and supportive through the process. She did a great job establishing rapport and then giving direct, candid feedback while still being encouraging. And, though I’ve done a lot of speaking, she brought up a number of ideas that were easy to implement, extremely helpful, and I’ve taken them forward into every presentation that I’ve done.

For example, she has a great visual model for how to think about the structure of a presentation which I found helpful. Another strategy helped ground me in the delivery of a presentation and connect even better to my audiences.

She understands the requirements of a business audience. And her experience as a professional actress is relevant to any speaker because speaking really is a form of acting. She is able to relate to people and assess their needs easily because she has worked with such a wide variety of clients.

She is able to pull out the most effective, most impactful things that can help a person in their work. For example, I usually speak about leadership and grit from the women’s military perspective, as an Apache helicopter pilot – a very different background than I imagine she has worked with. I so appreciated how she jumped right in and was able to help me make it better.

She seems to truly enjoy people and presentation. I don’t think you get really great at something unless you love it, and so that combination is a pretty spectacular one.

I have taken her feedback into every presentation that I’ve given. And I would say the overall impact is that I have greater confidence. I’m performing to my potential, and able to deliver to my clients what it is that they’re looking for.

Connie is committed. For example, she came back to me several times with emails after our sessions saying, “Hey, I was thinking about this again,” or “I looked at this video again and this is something else I’d like you to think about.” So that kind of commitment, I think, is pretty wonderful.

Five words to describe her: Engaging. Focused. Thoughtful. Experienced. Committed.