Michael Birt, PhD

Senior Advisor to the Academy for Healthy Longevity with the HIMSS/Personal Connected Health Alliance

“What Connie is above all is an excellent listener. She’s very insightful, really pays attention and has a way of re-articulating it that brings it all together. She provides plenty of opportunity to explore new ideas with her. Connie comes across as a consummate professional. She has lots of examples and materials to support what she’s doing. She has a special intelligence about communicating that makes her very effective.

What she’s also very good at is helping build a deeper communication package. Together we explore what I’m trying to say, articulate it, communicate it in an effective and elegant way. She’s good at content generation as well – slides, metaphors, images, and a full set of communication elements.

She’s a professional speaker in her own right. She clearly speaks from that professional basis when she’s providing support. Her materials and her insights are always very useful, to the point and supportive. She has a good way of being honest without being negative. Just very straightforward, which I like a lot. She’s very good at being able to do what she’s suggesting so If I’m having a problem with something, then she shows me.”

Impact on him: “Working with Connie has given me much greater confidence so that as I do my presentation I’m very clear what my objectives are, and much more confident that I’m meeting my potential. The other impact is that I seem to be overwhelmed with speaking engagements now. She warned me this would happen.”

Five words: “Insightful, effective, creative, practical, and very congenial. She’s a nice person.”