About Connie

Communication coach, Speaker, Consultant & Trainer, Connie helps leaders in business, policy and law tell their stories to their important audiences, inspiring collaboration & action.

Connie’s unique combination of skills and experience has earned her the nickname, “Miracle Worker.” She started as a professional actress and artist. She worked for ten years as a communication consultant between tribal governments, local, state, and federal bureaucracies, corporations and environmental and sports fishing groups in high stakes negotiations in the water quality-quantity management, power and park planning arenas. In addition she has coached a variety of executives and policymakers in public speaking skills and attorneys in litigation communication for over 35 years.

Her Pivotal Presentations coaching sessions, workshops, in-house training programs and retreats teach presenters to deal successfully with their anxiety, engage their audiences and inspire collaboration and action. Her on-going Great Women Speakers Leadership Program, teaches the development of leadership capacity through speaking. Her clients include leaders and emerging leaders in these and many other organizations: REI, Milliman, Group Health, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Perkins Coie, Phinney/Bishoff Design House, Port of Seattle, Tacoma Art Museum, The University of Washington, Washington State Bar Association, Starbucks, Disney, Car Toys, BSquare, City of Bainbridge Island, Continental Mills, Speakeasy, Swedish Medical Center, Precor, T-Mobile, and Washington Conservation Voters.

Connie is particularly interested in the unique challenges that leaders in global business enterprises and organizations face when communicating with their culturally diverse audiences. For example, she worked with Dr. Michael Birt, global health expert and the director of the Center for Sustainable Health at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University for three years, coaching him and his team. She coached Maria Gloria Alarcon, President of the largest dairy company in Ecuador, for her inaugural address as the new President ofthe Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce (12,500 members), as well as the Ecuadorean political writer, Andres Seminario (The Karioke Society). She coaches executives and policymakers who need to be able to communicate effectively with other cultures on many continents.

An active member of the Seattle start-up community since 2008, she has coached entrepreneurs for their funding pitches through the Northwest Entrepreneurial Network and WTIA’s First Look Forum, Technology Alliance’s Innovation Showcase, the Seraph Capital Forum, and the University of Washington’s COMOTION Gap Grant Program. This summer she is coaching startups for the CleanTech Alliance’s Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator in both Seattle and Portland.

Connie is a member of the World Affairs Council and through their Seattle chapter she has hosted over 90 guests from 165 countries during the past 9 years. At these dinners she has met many emerging global leaders. In 2013, as part of her Great Women Speakers Leadership Program, she traveled to Istanbul, Georgia and Armenia to have dinner with 5 of her guests and to meet with groups of emerging women leaders, providing coaching services while sharing communication challenges and strategies.

She received a BFA in acting from the famed Carnegie Mellon University Drama Program. She has completed course work in negotiation, mediation, and integral leadership at Antioch University. She has also studied physical theatre, Alexander Technique and solo performance at Freehold Theatre, vocal coaching with Awilda Verdejo and facilitation methods from the Institute of Cultural Affairs. In addition she was a Fellow at the World Affairs Council.

This year her pro bono activities include providing presentation skills training and coaching for a variety of non-profits focused on educating and supporting entrepreneurs, for a group of artists whose exhibit at various public sites, entitled “The incredible intensity of just being human,” examined the stigma and silence surrounding mental illness. In addition she is a member of the Seattle Rotary Club. She is happy to be coaching again the award winners at Seattle Globalist’s Globie Awards, celebrating young journalists.


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